Austin, TX., April 29th,  2020 — deverus, the leading technology platform for next-generation background screening, today announced the launch of their highly anticipated automated reference check product, Swifthire Automated Reference Checks. The solution will now enable background check companies to perform reference checks through easy-to-use mobile technology that will virtually eliminate the need to make labor intensive and time consuming phone calls while dramatically improving the overall user experience for candidates, references, and HR. It will turn the once costly and cumbersome process into a profit center and brand builder. 

“For background check companies reference checks have been a lost leader, a part of the process that is usually time-consuming, tedious, and often holds up completion of reports because of the need  to chase down references and play endless phone tag. Swifthire reference checks now lets  clients offer a  fully automated approach  that  gets faster, more reliable responses,” says Shawn Rucks, deverus founder and CEO. “We are excited to bring this differentiated capability to our customers so they once and for all, can make the challenges of reference checks a thing of the past,  and we are doing it with the latest technology available in the market today,” says Shawn.

The main benefits of the Swifthire Reference Check solution are:  

It's Mobile 

Swifthire Reference Checks takes advantage of our ubiquitous use of mobile to connect with applicants and references to ensure a simple process for requesting references and receiving quick responses. Latest studies show that using mobile, references come back 41% faster with an 80% response rate. 

No Phone Tag

The past way of doing references included spending hours playing phone tag to reach multiple references. With Swifthire Reference Checks, the automated process relies on text, email and an easy to use response form to get the information needed quickly, without making  unnecessary disruptions to references. 

Makes a Good Impression

With 70% of applicants using mobile devices to search jobs, fill out applications and complete much of the hiring process, using Swifthire Reference Checks shows that clients embrace new technologies and are thinking about how to make things easier on applicants. 

Data Rich 

Swifthire Reference Checks data analysis capabilities let  companies drill down on the number of opens, completions, as well as return times. This allows the ability to constantly keep track of reference improvement metrics. It quickly allows companies to compare the results using automated reference checks against previous processes. The result is a dramatic improve in responses, turn around times, as well as true cost savings. 

About deverus

Established in 1998, privately-held Austin-based deverus, Inc., helps companies in the background screening industry work better, faster and smarter by providing the highest quality software, SAAS cloud-based solutions, mobile applications, integrations, compliance, automation, security, privacy and customer support services available. Deriving its name from a blend of Latin and Spanish meaning “from the truth,” deverus helps HR departments make critical hiring decisions using data such as criminal records, education and employment verifications, drug and assessment testing, and more. The company delivers its services to over 35,000 businesses, hiring more than 2.5 million employees per year, through more than 75 trusted partners. deverus is a founding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) the respected screening professionals industry watchdog, and was named a “Best Place to Work” by the Austin Business Journal.

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